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150% increase in sales of imitation jewellery
Elizabeth Taylor was always an inspiration and a trend setter. She dispensed her worldly wisdom on her Twitter page (which included gems like 'Every breath you take today should be with someone else in mind') and earned an estimated $200,000 a year just from people who wanted to smell like her and bought her perfumes. So it is no surprise that people want to imitate the actress even after she has passed away Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2043766/Elizabeth-Taylor-auction-sparks-150-increase-sales-imitation-jewellery.html#ixzz1ZXCsTuM5

ટીમ ઈન્ડિયાના માથેથી સરી રહ્યો છે તાજ
ઈંગ્લેન્ડના પ્રથમ દાવમાં 710 રનના જંગી લક્ષ્યાંક સામે ત્રીજા દિવસના અંતે ભારતે તેના બીજા દાવમાં 1 વિકેટે 35 રન બનાવી લીધા છે. બીજા દાવમાં ભારતને વીરેન્દ્ર સેહવાગાના રૂપમાં એક મોટી વિકેટ ગુમાવી દીધી હતી. દિવસના અંતે ગૌતમ ગંભીર 14 અને રાહુલ દ્રવિડ 18 રને રમતમાં હતા. ઈંગ્લેન્ડના જેમ્સ એન્ડરસને સેહવાગને ખાતું પણ ખોલવા દીધું નહોતું. આ પહેલા એજબેસ્ટનમાં રમાઇ રહેલી ત્રીજી ટેસ્ટમેચમાં ઈંગ્લેન્ડે તેના પ્રથમ દાવમાં 710 રનનો જંગી સ્કોર નોંધાવ્યો હતો. ઈંગ્લેન્ડે 7 વિકેટે 710 રન બનાવીને પોતાનો પઅથમ દાવ ડીક્લેર કર્યો હતો. આ સાથે જ ઈંગ્લેન્ડે 486 રનની જંગી લીડ મેળવી લીધી હતી. ઈંગ્લેન્ડ તરફથી એલિસ્ટર કૂકે શાનદાર ઈનિંગ્સ રમતા 294 રન બનાવ્યા હતા. - ત્રેવડી ચૂક્યો એલિસ્ટર કૂક પ્રથમ બે મેચમાં નિષ્ફળ રહેલા ઈંગ્લિશ ઓપનર એલિસ્ટર કૂકે ત્રીજી ટેસ્ટમાં પોતાનું ફોર્મ પરત મેળવી લીધું હતું. એજબેસ્ટ ખાતે એલિસ્ટર કૂકે શાનદાર બેવડી સદી ફટકારી હતી. ટેસ્ટમાં કૂકની આ બીજી બેવડી સદી છે. જો કે કૂક 6 રન માટે પોતાની પ્રથમ ત્રેવડી સદી ચૂક્યો હતો. કૂકે તેની 545 બોલની મેરાથોન ઈનિંગ્સમાં 33 ચોગ્ગાની મદદથી 294 રન બનાવ્યા હતા. ઈશાંત શર્માએ કૂકને આઉટ કર્યો હતો. આ સાથે જ ઈંગ્લેન્ડે પોતાનો પ્રથમ દાવ ડીક્લેર કર્યો હતો.

50,000 attend Jain muni’s antim darshan
It was a sea of humanity that braved rain and wind to take part in the Palkhi yatra (final journey) of 78-year-old Jain saint Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaj that culminated at Tapovan Sanskar Peeth in Amiyapur village in Gandhinagar on Tuesday, where the saint was laid to rest. The Jain muni’s Palkhi yatra accompanied by thousands of devotees from Ambawadi travelled a distance of 25 kilometres before reaching Tapovan Sanskar Peeth at 5.30 pm. Over 48 000 people, including over 5,000 monks from across the country gathered to pay their last respects to the revered saint. Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaj, popularly known as Maharaj Saheb, was one of the most popular Jain munis. Maharaj Saheb was known for his Tapovan Sanskar Peeth, a unique gurukul type residential school model which he began 28 years ago in Navsari. Vishal Sheth, an exporter who studied at Tapovan in Ahmedabad, says this was a place where traditional Jain culture was taught to us along with the latest in technology or current affairs. “I recall that we were taught karate and had a special weekly session on world news. Maharaj Saheb was very progressive, practical and deeply intellectual,” Sheth said. Sheth spent over four hours on Tuesday to get an antim darshan of Maharaj Saheb. Maharaj Saheb was an influential figure and politicians of all hues paid respect to him. He was instrumental in convincing the then chief minister Chimanbhai Patel to ensure slaughter houses remained closed during the holy month of paryushan. In his memory, Chief Minister Modi ensured that all slaughter houses in the state remained closed on Tuesday. Maharaj Saheb intensely advocated prohibition, girls education and non-violence. During his lifetime he trained 84 Jain munis who now rank as top jain saints in the country. Scramble for lighting the pyre Intense competition was witnessed as devout Jains from across the country scrambled to get the privilege to light the funeral pyre of the holy saint. The ‘boli’ as it is known was announced at the time of the funeral procession as Maharaj Saheb was seated in a decorated palkhi and taken from Ambawadi to Amiyapur. Two lucky families — Sandeep Shah family and Mahavir Shah family — from Bardoli in south Gujarat, got the chance to perform the rituals after winning bids. Mahavirbhai and his wife Vasantiben bid for Rs 5,55,55,555 to get the ‘honour’ of lighting the mukhagni (fire in the mouth). Another family contributed Rs 1.75 crore to bring Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaj’s palkhi from the gate to the Tapovan Peeth. Vasantiben and her family had been keen disciples of Maharaj Saheb for the past five decades. “We were ready to take the boli up to Rs 11 crore but then on humantiarian grounds we thought that Vasantiben and her family should be given a chance since they had served Maharaj Saheb so sincerely and relentlessly for decades together,” a top diamond merchant from Mumbai who flew down for the funeral told Mirror. “I am not in a position to talk. Maharaj Saheb was an institution. Jains all over the world have benefitted through his teachings and simple life,” Vasantiben said. Mahavirbhai himself was a student of Tapovan Peeth and currently his son Prashal is studying there.

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