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*WHAT IS HIV INFETION?:H-Human,I-Immuno Deficiency,V-Virus *WHAT IS AIDS?:A-Acquired,I-Immuno.,D-Deficiency,S-Syndrome.*HOW TO SPREAD ?Unsafe intercourse,Contact with blood of the HIV positive patient,Use for unsterile old needle,Child from HIV positive mother *HIV/AIDS DOES NOT SPREAD THROUGH OR BY:>just touch,>mosquito or insect-bite,>working together,>use of each other food,clothes,toilet etc -When slowly decrease of the body's resistance power (natural fighting power)occurs other opportunistic infection by virus,bacterial,fungal enters the body.This further decreases the body resistance and makes victim weak.Hence it is not a disease,but weak fighting power situation of the body. *HIV IS NOT SPREAD THRO':>Daily social meeting & contact,>Wearning of clothes and shaking of the hand,>Staying with the family members of eating in a same vessels,>Kissing of meeting together,>Use of single same toilet-bathroom,>Any insect bites Bath in closed space & air HOW TO AVOID HIV INFECTION *True medical knowledge about HIV-infection avoiding homosexual contact.*Intercourse with single faithful partner*Use of blood & blood products after through testing.Avoiding professional donor's blood *Use of safe,disposable,sterile syringes & needles *Use of condom,whenever necessary *Hope,love and care of aids patients *Inspiring them to keep them in constructive sctivities and happy living attitude.

(1)SHANTI AVEDNA ASSHRAM:216,Mount mary road,Bandra(W),Mumbai-400 050,Phone:26427464,26421889,26451889,26454590(2)CIPLA CANCER PARIHAR SEVA KENDRA:Rugna seva Prashikdhan Prakalp,Sarvey No.118,Warjay,Opp.Popular Nagar,Near Mumbai Banglore Rasta,Pune-411 029(3)AMRUTKRUPA SAGAR SHUSHRUSHALAYA:Walivali Gaon,Manjarli Rasta,Badlapur,Dist.Thane-421 503

When normal cells of the body for reason still unknownstart multiplying very fast and very haphazard manner,the formation of tumor or cancerous growth occurs.The fast haphazard,multiplication of normal cell slowly starts disturbing and destroying and damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. CANCER DETECTION:1.X-ray,CT Scan,Ultrasound,Mammography,2.Endoscopies camera viewing of the deep internal parts.,3.Biopsy for histopathological reports,4.Oparation & exploratory surgery. TREATMENT THERAPY:1.surgery,2.Radiation (x-ray cobalt rays),3.Chamotherapy, -Early detection makes early treatment success rate high and remission or situation under control for longer period. Cancer treatment requires lot of determination,confidence and understanding.Cancer starting at local part may spread to other distant part.Many cancerous tumor takes longer time duration for growth and spread.But certain cancerous tumor spread very fast.So whenever below mentioned early symptoms are observed,please contact your doctors at earliest. (1)Change in voice(2)Difficulty in swallowing(3)Swelling or hard lump in breast(4)Chronic cough - massive blood in the sputum(5)Any unusual lump,anywhere in the body,increasing in size(6)Change in the menstrual cycle and heavy bleeing pavagina(7)Change in bowel habits(8)Unexplained,remarkable weight loss and fever for more than three months.

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